Friday, November 28, 2008

My Mother In Law's Buttons

I've had these buttons for years- my m-i-l produced hometown plays, and did everything- even the costumes! These were some of her buttons, I want to do something with them, but don't want to mess with them--what a dilema! Aren't they beautiful, though? And REALLY vintage- still in the same box!

happy belated turkey day-

I'm excited-- I just got a google email telling me I was featured on Etsy Vintage Blog-----> see the avatar over on the right side?

and---I sold this today- and isn't it a kick? Someone was looking for a tacky Christmas decoration, and this was it! It was entitled 'I'm Joy, Your Holiday Pixie'! I added the picture here, earlier- so wave goodbye to Joy- she's traveling back east on Monday ;>)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

gift envies?

I've been making these, but they're so tiny, they're probably only good for earring gifts... any ideas?

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Joy, your Christmas Pixie!

I've been working on this for the cccoe December challenge---one of my pixies lost her head, so i gathered together all my hoarded treasures, added some new/old stuff- and here she is!

whadda ya think? ;>)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another picture...

Jillie is rolling her 'red' eyes at something! ;>)

The twinnies had their Investiture Ceremony...

for Daisy Girl Scouts tonight- It was at 7- by 7:45 the sugar high had set in!

Check out the picture-----


Jojo with the funny face on the end, Jillian, the sane one ( for tonight) and their friends- another set of twins, who live across the street from them. We call them 'The Quads'!

the winds are dying down for now........

we live in Orange County, CA, and yesterday was a worrisome day- the firestorms were so dreadful and so much property was lost-

for the first time, our area was slightly threatened- but enough that my logical thinking husband said that we should get our needed items ready, if we had to evacuate. That frightened me almost more than the fires.....and he's the one recovering from strokes!

everything is covered with ash, and embers were flying for miles, but since the wind has died down, for now- hopefully the firefighters will get more control. So many fires...

Friday, November 14, 2008

just listed...

some snowflake swarovskis!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

etsy beadweavers beauties!

Another challenge up at

So many beautiful beadwoven beauties in this challenge--I didn't enter this time, computer/picture problems and such, but seeing all the wonderful items, I wouldn't have had a chance anyway! ;>)

Please go there, drool and vote!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

my button box----

I can't believe it's been 3 months!

*****one of the bracelets I've been working on and just listed on etsy********
well- I guess I can- my computer has been on the fritz for about 3 months, so........
I have been crafting and such, and taking pictures, but not able to upload anything, or even see anything most days.

So---in the meantime, I've missed lots of challenges, but when I finally got to see everything- in etsy beadweaver's challenges and cccoe challenges--everything was great~

I've listed some new things, and even sold something last night while I was cracking out listing stuff, so there is something good to come of all this bad stuff.

Oh--and I'm extremely happy with the results of the election, gobama!;>)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

married 45 years ago---today!

It was a rainy day in PA--got married, had a tiny wedding--small meal at a hometown restaurant and left for CA in the same day! I can't believe it's been that long--well, some days, I can! ;>)

I was reading the etsy forums today and on cccoe, oceanavesilks has started a flickr discussion groups, concerning blogs---which reminded me---It's been a while since I posted!

I posted in the flickr about 'Artful Blogging'--a relatively new magazine put out by Stampington/Somerset Studio---if you are able to see it or purchase it--do---beautiful pictures and bits of blog posts---something to strive for!

I do have a new item that I haven't listed yet---maybe tonight---I've been working on it for a while, waiting for the mod-podge to dry - recoating it, etc,etc,etc!

So here it is---haven't come up with a name for it yet--it's an old cigarbox covered with bits of pages from a vintage boy's model making catalogue and instructions sheets, the removable lid is topped with a vintage toy railroad handcar, as the handle, lined with scrapbook paper and painted red wooden 'feet'.

see you after our anniversary dinner---ClaimJumpers, with the whole famdamily!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here's my ebw challenge--

the theme is Complementary Contradictions--I 'think' this is my version of that theme-ebw teamsters, please let me know what you think---

I'm calling it 'Pinstripes and Rhinestones'---and probably will be listing it tomorrow or wed.

my mother in law directed/choreographed/dressed, sewed/blah, blah-- musicals in her hometown back in the day and she gave me---a big surprise!!!---a box of vintage rhinestone buttons, buckles, etc. The buckle is from that 'collection'

any suggestions or comments?


marilyn g


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dang Internet 'Tubes'!

I've been trying to get on/stay on the internet ALL day. I get so frustrated. But I did get some beading done, packages wrapped, off to the PO -tile floor cleaned ( 4 rooms of it!) and it was SO humid here today---a 3 shower day!

I've been working on my creation for the next ebw challenge---I didn't get anything accomplished for the last two----and weren't all the entries gorgeous?

I took a picture-peek of my materials---more later.

And--thanks for the suggestions on the 'steampunk'* * bracelet ( steampunk, in my opinion, is basically a collection of junque! ;>) I'm digging around for some other goodies on the same theme as the bells, keys and old rubber men!

Take a peek at my beginnings of the next ebwc!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to beadin' !

I've been going through beading ufos---I seem to have a lot of those ;>) and I found one that I really enjoyed working on and wondered what I didn't finish it. hmmmm. Well, I finished it and I think it turned out so pretty---I listed it last night and I'm posting it here. As I worked on finishing it, I remembered why I began it in the first place.

Our younger daughter came up with the idea and the colors, and I think I must have put it aside because I didn't want to dig around in my stash and find more beads for it----but, when looking at it again, I decided it was worth it to go through the stash and finish it. I like the way it turned out, and I hope someone else does---and buys it!

Speaking of buying..........last Saturday, one of my friends from cccoe, OAS, ( ) took my goodies to a Home Show she was attending and she sold over $300 of my beadwoven treasures~ I'm still exciting for me, because I sat on those on etsy for almost a year now....which makes me think that they really do need to be seen in person and tried on, etc.

AnywayS---on Sunday, I took some of my well-gotten gains and went to the Bead and Gem Show at the Orange Cty Fairgrounds~ I was a good girl, and didn't buy too much-although it was difficult~ I bought findings and chains and clasps and such--and still managed to spend all I took with me~

It's almost noon here and I haven't gotten anything done that I've got to do today, before going to twin-sit--so I gotta get on the move.

Please check out the picture of my last listing AND a bracelet--steampunk style---that I finished yesterday and will be listing this week--please tell me what you think---does it need more goodies on it?

talk later~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tonight, I'm just weary....

and not a good weary! ;>0

Took hubby to the eye dr today, and on the way, the steering wheel was pretty much torn out of my hands, twice- I though I'd hit something or was having a flat tire, then ---see police and sheriff cars all over the place, lights were out- get to dr--aha---earthquake!

The dr's report was not so great either, hubby has lost most of the sight in his left eye, due to diabetes, but it's off and on. Dr performed laser surgery, but it can only repair - not take away the problem. poor hubby.

Then we came home and there was a bunch of stuff that had fallen off shelves, some broken things---but there is something to be said for not dusting much---some stuff just sticks to the shelf! Sounds nasty, but it works. I picked up some of it, made hubby lunch, and went to watch the twinnies, who were entirely TOO perky and ready for fun, swimming, tearing stuff out, needling with me- the quake must have given them some kind of 'sugar' high!

Came home, did dinner, picked some more stuff up, and then just said to myself- to h*ll with it, I can do it later. Just pretty depressing, but tomorrow will be better.

I did take a picture yesterday of the wreath I'm making for daughter #2, luckily I had put that somewhere safe and it wasn't broken, nothing fell on it--I still need some more small balls, but I was tired of it being on the floor--it's still a while till the holidayz! ;>) Now I need to find somewhere safe to hang it.

I haven't even really gotten to bead anything today, just a little crocheting, that I'll have to rip out because of the 'help' I was getting! ;>)

so...tomorrow will be better! It better be better!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tired, but a good tired!

Yesterday and today, I worked in our back yard---and a little in the front--the guy who mows our lawn has been trying to help me, but it was becoming REALLY overgrown, mostly with volunteer green stuff--vines, ferns, stuff I don't even know the name of, but it was beginning to look like one of those scary houses with stuff growing all over it. Now I have a full green refuse can, and 3 huge piles of stuff in the backyard, waiting till the trash is picked up and I can refill! You should have seen me with the electric hedge trimmer---I'm lucky I came out alive!

Last night I listed an old picture frame that I'd painted and glued vintage buttons, an old metal pennant label, and a plastic man from an old train setup. It even has a real old picture in it! Then, today, I just listed a bracelet I've been working on for a while, ripped out a million times --no, really---I still don't know if I'm happy with it, but maybe someone will fall in lust with it and buy it!

The ebw midsummer madness sale will be over at midnight tonight---no sales for me, though, and I've already lowered prices, but..........

I've been making a Christmas ball wreath for second daughter--I owed her one, 'cause I'd already made one for first daughter! Sure can't play favorites in this family!
When I get it finished, I'll post it--right now, everything is on an old sheet in the middle of the living room - the only big space I have to work on it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

my California buds!

I'm going to start a new list of blogs/shops from cccoe etsy sellers-( California craftyandartful people!) Cody's Closet is my first---they will be added to the side later but just wanted to list anniek's blog first---

watch for my new list! ;>)

one of my new purchases--

I'm excited about these- I got a black ceramic one and a white--hopefully my etsy picture taking will be a bit easier now---I don't have to wait around for an available neck! ;>)

good and not so good!

Etsy BeadWeavers present the first ever EBW Team Midsummer Madness Sale! EBW Team members have gotten together to offer some special incentives for buying Handmade on Etsy. Visit our blog for a list of participating shops.

I have already put a sale section in my cigarboxbeads shop, and have lowered prices on these. After this sale, I will probably put my prices back to where they were-----although I hate when I hear that---mostly from used car salespersons---no disrespect to used car salespersons! ;>))) - but it's gonna happen.

I've been working on some new bracelets, but they aren't turning out the way my mind pictured them---ain't that the way? ;>)

I went to the Gift Show yesterday with a friend and spent way too much on beads and such---and today, my body is reminding me of all the walking and carrying... we took the Metro Blue Line to get there---I should know better. But I do have lots of goodies- mostly pearls and findings and some unusual stuff--to show for my pain!

Tomorrow we plan to go to the Orange County Fair, so Wednesday, I'll be in the same condition I am today--I'm already dreading pushing the wheelchair--maybe I'll hook hubby up with straps and such and he can kind of push me. heh heh

wobbling of to find some muscle relaxants--or something-- maybe 2 buck chuck?

Friday, July 18, 2008

fighting with etsy....

no, not really, but a few nights ago, I finally had time to sit down and list to my shop...I got to the photos, and tried, and tried, and soap! I was seriously frustrated, but I found out the next day--lots of sellers were in the same boat as me. I finally saved my bracelet description, because I was tired of writing and rewriting....ah, the joys of listing. NOW, I would like to sell something.

I'm still working on trying to get my pictures better--I've been lucky because some members of my teams have tried to help me and have given me suggestions--and so the beat goes on--maybe some day I'll be a decent photographer!

The bracelet shown above is the one I was trying to list- it's another one that I worked on during our road trip to Sacramento---the twinnies have their own little bags of these beads---what can I say- they're my grandchildren! ;>)

The winnah!

...of the last EBWC- etsy-beadweavers 'Midsummernight's Dream' challenge is Smadar--

She calls it 'Roses in the Nightsky' and it's gorgeous and a great winner!

There were so many beautiful creations entered in this challenge- These challenges are just what the name entails----CHALLENGES --they make you think about what you can create and in the meantime, you --at least for me---come out of the proverbial box and create something new to you, and beautiful.

Please check into and look at all the entries. You'll have to clean the drool off your keyboards, but it will be worth it! ;>)

( Smadar's etsy shop is:
Smadar's Treasure )

Monday, July 14, 2008

RoadTrip Bracelet ala Jillian!

Just listed the bracelet I beadwove on the way home from Sacramento! This one, Jillian, the bossy twin, gave directions and 'suggested' ideas! ;>)

Here they both are - the first was named after jojo, my needleing buddy on the way up to Sacramento, the second-named jillian, who says 'it's BEADING, not needleing, jojo!' :>)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Have you voted?

huh, huh, huh?

I did!

Midsummernight's Dream Challenge:

Happy Sunday....

even though it's almost half over!

Had computer problems again last night---I'm beginning to think that this vintage woman is just not supposed to even be near a computer---aggravates me so much!

Last night I was almost finished listing a new goodie when the whole thing shut down on me AGAIN---after stepping away----calming down---I turned it off, unplugged and plugged the modem again, rebooted everything---I finally started all over again! So here are the little stinkers that I was in the midst of listing! Their an adaption of an adaption of a picture......;>)

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm still here!

Although, the twinnies were over tonight, and I think they had way tooooooo much sugar today! They had different orders for dinner---french toast and toasted cheese---carbohydrate twins! We settled, after much, ah......discussion....on French Toast!

I still haven't cleaned up after them, although their mommy did try - but she will have her own mess to clean up at home!

I'm trying to ignore the mess and stay on the computer, so here goes.....

I just listed some new goodies on both cigarboxbeads and suchandsort- please check out the story on the bracelet- it's pretty funny ---now!

One of the twins likes to 'bead' with me- she is very particular and anal about it--she calls it 'needling' --the other twin tells her- 'no, it's called beading'. Ha! The answer from the first twin is " I CALL IT NEEDLING!" So there!!111!!

We have fun!

PS--my etsy site is and

PPS ---don't forget to check out the beautiful beadweaving and vote on the Midsummernight's Challenge at

Monday, July 7, 2008


If you happened to read the comments on my entry for Midsummer Night's Dream - you might see the comment from mychicthings that I had won....guess what I won...

An Audrey Hepburn bracelet from Staci at PinkPoochDesigns! Audrey was the 'go to girl' back in the 60s-- my friends and I all wanted to look like her, dress like her---next to Jackie Kennedy, she was our 'idol'! ;>) So now- I can wear Audrey on my wrist.

Staci does gorgeous work and I know how the time and the artistry it is to peyote faces. I get very confused when I attempt to follow a pattern for something as intricate as that.

So, without further ado--here's my prize!

Wednesday is the first day......

to vote in the 'Midsummer Night's Dream Challenge'! Please go there and vote for your favorite beadwoven beauty!

If you check tags/items for ebwc in etsy, you'll see all the beauties before voting!

Then on the 9th- go to and vote!

There are gorgeous creations again, as usual!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's finished!

I don't know how excited I am with it---it isn't really what I started out to do, and it's rather plain---but---

Puck Peeking Through The Vine - ebwc for June

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Saturday!

I think I have everything 'working' now---after all my computer problems, my connection to my camera wasn't working either. I've decided that the tinfoil hat that I'm wearing has something to do with my computer problems! Or, as the hubby of one of my etsy cccoe-ers asked me--'do all your earrings cause you to receive radio waves?' heh heh --that's it- I just connected it, so to speak! ;>) Thanks, Mr MarieJulie!

Here are the beginnings of my creation for the next etsy beadweavers challenge -

I think I finished it last night, but I might need to add more fringe stuff---I'm kind of addicted to fringe!

By the way- I've got all kinds of goodies up for sale in my etsy shops-- and

If you click on the etsy beadweavers surf ring--you'll get to read lots of great blogs and see some beautiful work!

Here is the beginnings of my Midsummernight's Dream:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost in the Web- the girlies and their mommy- they wanted her to make a funny face!

This is SO embarrassing!

I have not posted here for 6 WEEKS!

I'm hiding my head--I'll be back tonight, I promise- I did have lots of computer problems in the last 2 months or so-but really, that's NO excuse! ;>0

I just recently finished this beadweaving, and am working on another challenge for ebwc for June---almost finished with about 1/3 of it. I'll try to take a picture of where I am and post it

Sunday, April 27, 2008

90/90 AromaticBodyOils

From veggie deodorant to stress relief body wash to kimono geisha soap--Aromaticbodyoils does it all! Check out her etsy shop for many more handcrafted soaps and such!

AromaticBodyOils goes to school full time (senior in college.) She is a mother of 2 (4 year old daughter, 2 year old son,) married to a wonderful heartthrob of a man who puts up with her 8 hours of whipping, slicing and dicing up everything except food (he's the cook in their house, she states,thank goodness or they would all go hungry or attempt to eat whipped shea butter and slices of soap on crackers.)

AromaticBodyOils sells on 6 different venues online, which equates to 100 packages or more a week that need to go out the door. Its a lot of juggling trying to keep everyone happy, but she promises to always try her best. Shipping sometimes gets a little delayed due her packed schedule (one more semester and she graduates!!!) but she will always leave updates on her blog.

A very busy person, who gets things done well!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Skwiggle...... ;>)

Annette Piper is one of the wonderful artists who helps to keep Skwiggle as great as it is...please check out her blog, her newest post is about Ironfest and she has some beautiful pictures of pyrite jewelry!

Skwiggle Blog Ring......

Last week's featured blog on skwiggle was :

this is a blog that was begun to assist sellers and has blossomed into a great blg with something for everyone. Features, news, contests---all you would ever want and help in selling your goodies, as well! Please check it out--as well as the other blogs that have been featured.

90/90 ShannonSaylor

As you can tell-- Shannon says she has a little bit of everything! Her pearls are great--these are Keishi, love her jewelry and that N'Awlins cup is great!

ShannonSaylor is a crafter from her family. It runs in the genes. She loves to work with glass beads and wire. Toggle latches are her favorite as they are easier to clasp.

She is in her mid 3-'s, living in SW VA in the mountain's with her husband & 5 cats. She is an animal lover as you might be able to tell (husband included LOL). She donates and is part of The Etsy For Animals. (EFA)

Her Blog on Blogger is