Sunday, January 2, 2011

hiya--and happy new year! sale and see the girlies!

I'm not 'recovered' from the *holidays*, getting ready---then getting over it---ey yi yi!

Grandaughter Ryan has been 'visiting' me and she LOVES to redecorate our house! She walks in the house, looks around, picks up things ( and I have a lot of things to pick up! ) looks around--gives it back to me---or, puts it somewhere else, or walks on to something else and throws the first thing over her shoulder! Pretty hilarious--and she LOVES stickers---her first word, after mama is *'ticker*, so I find those all over, too.

I don't remember the twinnies - or their mommies doing these things--but then again- I don't remember much of anything at this point in my life, so.........;>)

Right now, I'm having a sale ( big, for me!) on -buy one beadwoven or beady item and the second is half price---it lasts till Monday evening--lots of lookers so far, but no buyers! ;>( I enjoyed making all of the goodies, so I guess that will have to keep me happy!

I'm putting up the picture that was our Holiday card- daughters took the kiddies to the Seal Beach Pier and had their pictures taken--my gift was a gorgeous picture of all the 'Goodman Girls' --made me cry! ;>)

I love this one, too - baby Ryan doesn't look too sure about where she is and what's going on!