Thursday, August 15, 2013

..the inside of my locket!

Here's the inside...check out those hinges and pin ( thanks again, Robin!)

Another class with Robin Dudley Howes!

Another great class from Robin Dudley Howes...I really am becoming a Robin 'groupie'!

This was a very labor intensive creation...but with Robin's help...I succeeded...sort of~

It's a soldered piece, a locket with hinges soldered on two sides...that was my most difficult old fingers just don't work the way they used to!  I need to take a picture of the inside and add later..but her is my gypsy locket!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back again...out from my self imposed *closet*!

It's been almost 2 years since I've been back...where does that time go?  Well, I do know where it goes, but it goes mighty fast.  I do believe the last post about the Craft Show at my granddaughters school did it!!! 
A few weekends ago, I decided that I DID need to come out of my hermit existence...I took a Cage Doll class from the great Robin Dudley Howes...who does everything creatively and well.  The class was at Linda Buccis' house...another great artist.  This is my Cage Doll..I never seem to finish projects in class, so she came home with me.  My 'almost' 4 yr old granddaughter Ryan, helped me with her!  ( We do 'projects' and have 'quiet activity' time..if you know Ryan, you know nothing is quiet!)
I named my doll *Focus* because that has seemed to be one of my issues lately...hopefully *focus* will remind me to get in gear and stay there!
   I 'relearned' how to solder, made the form out of paper mache ( of course I bought the wrong thing..but it worked..Focus is just a bit bumpier than she's supposed to be.  She's painted, used some of Ryan's gems, and antiqued and coated with mod podge.  I still need to patina her joints on her skirt ( wish someone would 'patina' my joints!)

So... here she is, my re-entry into the world of blogging!  Focus!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

School Carnival fun!

I was 'invited' to sell my beadweaving and altered goodies at the school carnival, where the twinnies attend---but--my goodies aren't really the best sell at a carnival! The girlies really wanted me to do it- so, of course, I did! The Carnival was great- it always is--their mommy and auntie attended the same school, and I was PTA Pres for a few years back in the day--and Ways and Means ( Carnival) for a few years--believe me when I say- times have changed---school carnivals are big time now!
Back to my table at the Carnival--my daughter ( the auntie) took pictures of my table- I really should have had two--but since I only sold one item- I guess lugging 2 tables would have been a waste of energy! Please check out the pictures here ( the knees in the background of the smallesst picture belong to Papa--who stayed with me the entire time!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PromoFrenzy MEGA Sale!11!1!!! ;>)

Lots of sales going on in Promo Frenzy Shops --- just go to etsy and click this in----

it gives a list of all the promofrenzy shops with great sales--

(some from my own shop at etsy, too----- )

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Made to order!

I've been working on a made to order bracelet--my customer wanted a peyote bracelet, with a celtic knot design---after sketching it out many times--I finally sent her a picture and she responded that it was exactly what she wanted---she had a bracelet when she was young--pink and black, with a celtic knot design and she wanted another!

The sketching was the easy part--;>) the beadweaving of it was a pain, until I got into the rhythm of the design---lots of rippits! ---but it's finished and I thought I would put it up here.

I've designed and made about 5 beadweaving projects for customers and I always say--I'll never do it again--but always seem to change my mind when asked again! Seems like the goal and the designing something new gets me in gear!

I'm putting up some pictures of some other 'made to order' goodies, too--and now I'm working on a wide black and white netted collar for someone. I'll put that up here when I get further along!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So exciting----

The Promo Frenzians DO rock! Our team won the Handmadeology Top Ten Contest---

woot woot---

check it out here--->

congrats, teammies--and especially Janet of Galla15~