Sunday, August 24, 2008

married 45 years ago---today!

It was a rainy day in PA--got married, had a tiny wedding--small meal at a hometown restaurant and left for CA in the same day! I can't believe it's been that long--well, some days, I can! ;>)

I was reading the etsy forums today and on cccoe, oceanavesilks has started a flickr discussion groups, concerning blogs---which reminded me---It's been a while since I posted!

I posted in the flickr about 'Artful Blogging'--a relatively new magazine put out by Stampington/Somerset Studio---if you are able to see it or purchase it--do---beautiful pictures and bits of blog posts---something to strive for!

I do have a new item that I haven't listed yet---maybe tonight---I've been working on it for a while, waiting for the mod-podge to dry - recoating it, etc,etc,etc!

So here it is---haven't come up with a name for it yet--it's an old cigarbox covered with bits of pages from a vintage boy's model making catalogue and instructions sheets, the removable lid is topped with a vintage toy railroad handcar, as the handle, lined with scrapbook paper and painted red wooden 'feet'.

see you after our anniversary dinner---ClaimJumpers, with the whole famdamily!


Cher of Stu Stu Studio said...

Congratulations! Wow! How time flies, eh? I can't imagine leaving PA on your wedding day and going of to sunny CA. It must have been a real fresh start!

My darling hubby & I followed a similar pattern by moving to the great white north after we had honeymooned there.

Who says you can't live in Disnyland??

Congrats to you both!

jstinson said...

Marilyn, had my 45th May 25,2008! Ain't love bliss! LOL. You can see how we looked then here:

Hope we will all be around for many more to come! Congratulations

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Wow! 45 years! That is a long time in this day and age. I did manage to get to 20 years with my first marriage. Hopefully this one will be longer (14 now).

Cute box.