Sunday, April 27, 2008

90/90 AromaticBodyOils

From veggie deodorant to stress relief body wash to kimono geisha soap--Aromaticbodyoils does it all! Check out her etsy shop for many more handcrafted soaps and such!

AromaticBodyOils goes to school full time (senior in college.) She is a mother of 2 (4 year old daughter, 2 year old son,) married to a wonderful heartthrob of a man who puts up with her 8 hours of whipping, slicing and dicing up everything except food (he's the cook in their house, she states,thank goodness or they would all go hungry or attempt to eat whipped shea butter and slices of soap on crackers.)

AromaticBodyOils sells on 6 different venues online, which equates to 100 packages or more a week that need to go out the door. Its a lot of juggling trying to keep everyone happy, but she promises to always try her best. Shipping sometimes gets a little delayed due her packed schedule (one more semester and she graduates!!!) but she will always leave updates on her blog.

A very busy person, who gets things done well!

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