Sunday, December 23, 2007

baking and wrapping and a partridge.....

my newest on etsy---

2 days of inhaling sugar fumes will do that to ya!

I just put up a new amulet bag on cigarboxbeads at etsy and a tote bag/purse from kids old jeans, up on suchandsort---here they are--and then I have to go clean up the kitchen some more---it ain't so jolly out there! ;>)

the shabbity raggedy purse will be here somewhere, too!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

busy day

It's almost nice to just sit down at the computer and fiddle around! ;>)

one of our twinnies has the stomach flu, along with daddy, so the one who is well--so far---spent the day at our house---we crafted, colored, 'cleaned' and went to the mall--how crazy is that? ;>) we went to hello kitty and the disney store- and everything we got, of course, had to be doubled for the sickie at home!

I was cruising the forums at etsy tonight and was very lucky to get in on a free banner---yes---free! for my suchandsort store on etsy. Here it is--great, huh?

A HUGE thanks to

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What I tried to do with vintage postcards--->

I zigzagged them to kraft paper backing,
collaged vintage items to the front, added more
vintage embroidery floss and ribbon--VOILA..
Gift Card Holders!

Lookers on my second etsy site---suchandsort- but no takers. I think they're kind of cute--but that's just me! ;>)

Black Ice

Netted Fringe Explosion--->

some of my etsy goodies---->

Friday, December 14, 2007

Busy Friday!

Claire on Etsy Beadweavers mentioned that it was quiet there and on etsy today--well, I shopped on etsy, went to the mall !!! , ordered my holidaze cards , bought a Hello Kitty Sewing Machine on line, and wrapped gifts. TONIGHT I BEAD! ;>)


my little helpers!

auntie took them to D-land-
lots of fun for them--auntie, not so sure! ;>)

My beading life...................

At my late stage of life--I've taken new plunges into the unknown--for me--selling on ebay, setting up etsy shops and now --a blog. Never thought I'd get to this stage of the unknowns but here I am!

I'm a retired Home Ec Teacher and the year I retired, our daughter had twin girls---so there went my retirement! They live about 3 miles from us and I spend lots of time with them.I have many crafting interests--but can't do a lot of crafts with the girlies around--they want to help, ya know! Beading? Forget it! Knitting or Crocheting--maybe. After I rewind the yarn and promise to make them another of whatever I'm making at the time.
My main etsy shop is and beading and beadweaving is my main passion right now. I love the process and the learning, even when I have to constantly do the frog stitch! I recently joined a great group of beadweavers from etsy and they , because of their talent and helpfulness, have helped me in the learning plunge into the pool of better beadweaving, posting, and now blogging!

It's late here in So CA., and I've already reached my limit of chatting, so--

by cigarboxbeads
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