Thursday, January 28, 2010

my valentines

I've been working on these- but i think i've finished the last one--just listed it tonight--( the little cupids sold superfast ;>))) )

they're altered Altoids tins, that i've kept for years, meaning to do something with them----of course! ;>0 so, it's done- no more usable tins...that i can find right now!

back from self imposed hibernation---again! ;>)

between taking the hubs to drs., going to the drug store, attending my 'stitch and bitch' sessions ;>), watching all the girlies and de-hoarding --time has again flown...

i did make a few Valentine goodies, putting another one up on etsy tonight--one sold-whoopee--working on some calendars for the family, crocheting the hubs a red afghan ( he's a coke collector--so....)--not much beading/beadweaving, though. i'm having a problem with bead embroidery around a metal face- i know there was a reason i didn't want to beadweave around cabs!

here's a new picture of the sweet little ryan---isn't she cute? but--i am her grama!