Sunday, April 20, 2008

90/90 ShannonSaylor

As you can tell-- Shannon says she has a little bit of everything! Her pearls are great--these are Keishi, love her jewelry and that N'Awlins cup is great!

ShannonSaylor is a crafter from her family. It runs in the genes. She loves to work with glass beads and wire. Toggle latches are her favorite as they are easier to clasp.

She is in her mid 3-'s, living in SW VA in the mountain's with her husband & 5 cats. She is an animal lover as you might be able to tell (husband included LOL). She donates and is part of The Etsy For Animals. (EFA)

Her Blog on Blogger is

1 comment:

Shannon said...

ty for picking me for your blog feature. I am totally thrilled. I haven't blogged from the 90/90 feature in a while, been blogging w/ etsy bloggers, and trying to promote.

You have a great blog!!! Great read and great shop!!!