Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey out there in blogland-

If anyone at all is reading this---tomorrow is the last day for my Leap Year Sale on etsy----20% off on everything on cigarboxbeads and lots of goodies for $4.95 on suchandsort.

hurry up and go there! :>)))))))

90/90 BerryPatchDesign

Unakite Swirl Necklace, I Want World Peas necklace and Purple Passion Heart Necklace---these are some of my favorites---and I just noticed---they're all necklaces!--check out Stephanie's etsy site to see more great items--look for the Fairy Ear Cuff--very elegant and very pretty!

Stephanie Strain is BerryPatchDesign ---a pseudo-geek and jewelry designer, working on further developing more advanced wire and silversmith techniques. She loves the varying colors, textures and patterns of gemstones and study lapidary and gemology, as well.
She also has 3 shops on Etsy:
BerryPatchDesigns (this shop) - she works with her two "sisters" who also create lovely earth-based jewelry. (AKA SilverShadow Designs) is her own primary shop, though many of BerryPatch's pieces are hers, as well.
UnderCurrent is her shop for edgier and experimental designs and is still in development. COMING SOON: BAJORAN STYLE EAR CUFFS

Stephanie loves to combine the varying colors and textures of the natural world. There are so many feelings and places to love about our world!

Sterling silver and copper join in the visual symphony; they have their own brightness and feelings to contribute. Gold filled or vermeil will sometimes "drop in".

Hearing and seeing that people enjoy wearing her jewelry is one of the best things about designing jewelry.

SilverShadow Stylings is the work of Stephanie Strain of Orlando, FL.



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

90/90 ---knuckletoes

I love that name! And look at the variety of goodies that come from knuckletoes! So talented and inventive- from her PMS Apology Card, to her primary cubes necklace, and her Blue and Flowered Tie up tank-( wish I was younger and skinnier!) ;>)) Go see the rest- you'll love 'em!

Knuckletoes is Katie, a smalltime, jewelry, clothing and purse maker who wants to share her style with the world!
She's from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and every year she tries to make it out to the surrounding Folk Festivals to sell her product. Katie has gone the last two years and really hopes to make it out again in 2008!
She tries to make her clothing and purses out of recycled materials. Anything from tablecloths, to pillowcases, to reused LP record covers. This not only gives
her items a vintage feel, but it helps the environment, and what more do you need?
If you see anything you like in Katie's store, don't hesitate to contact
her and ask her any questions you like about it. If you're in the area, she may be able to cut down on your shipping, so let
her know!
You can find Katie/knuckletoes also at:
Myspace -
IndiePublic -


as they say back in the PA coal region!

It's been a busy 2 days since I last posted. 'We' watched the twinnies yesterday, and today hubby had outpatient therapy from 9am to almost 3! I had to have him at the hospital by 9- so we started before 7 am. It's just like getting the twinnies ready to go somewhere--but with really heavy lifting! I really needed the chiro adjustment today! Then a nap ;>)

I tried beading a new bracelet last night, but I'm not really happy with it--I'm using delicas and I wonder if seedbeads might work better. I don't know it I want to deal with it tonight. Twinnies again tomorrow and A HAIR CUT!!!! I have short hair with about 20 cowlicks, and if I let it grow more than an inch and a half--I look like a female version of Einstein!

Enough about that---I must do some more 90/90s!

Monday, February 25, 2008

90/90 Alternatebliss

Alternatebliss creates such beautiful works of art--from her ink and watercolors, to her fine jewelry. I especially love 'The Red Balloon'! I read that story to my daughters all the time--now the granddaughters hear it!

Alternatebliss is a Mixed Media Artist. In her shop you will find orignal Art. Including Watercolor Art, ACEO's, Art Prints, Folk and Naive Whimsical Acrylic Paintings, and hand made Silver Jewelry

You can also view her illustrations at

90/90 SimplySaidBySarah

Look at Sarah's great sticky pads and her Little Green Bird Gift Set!

Sarah Orton is a graphic design student in North Carolina. Her flair for design stems from a lifelong interest in crafts and her pieces demonstrate a fun spin on a contemporary sense of style. Encouraged by the requests she’d begun to receive from fellow employees and friends, Sarah decided to combine her creativity with her business sense, and Simply Said by Sarah was born. Each piece is handcrafted and unique, and is sure to add a tasteful touch of originality to your home!

visit for lots of other goodies! Bags, purses, bath & body, jewelry, embroidery, paper goods & lots more!!



Sunday, February 24, 2008

90/90 Celticgoddessjewelry

Aren't these goodies gorgeous? The Dragonfly Pendulum necklace is so delicate, yet dramatic, as is the Buddhist Zen inspired Carry Water Chop Wood necklace.

Celtic Goddess Jewelry was started in early 2001, and has been selling on etsy for 2 years and counting! CelticGoddess name is Andee Harston, a Buddhist pagan living in the Orlando area. She sells celtic and pagan inspired jewelry, art and bath and body products.

Art has always been prevalent in her life.She loves to draw, paint, sculpt, make jewelry, make bath and body products and most recently, photography. She is influenced by spiritual learning, nature, goddess and celtic imagery. She identifies very strongly with my celtic heritage.

90/90 ----Earthcharms

Aren't these so pretty? Morning Glory earrings and Icicles On Deck Knotted Necklace.
Very delicate, yet striking!

Earthcharms says--if you want to 'stalk' her---here's the info! ;>)

My name is: a title used to facilitate communication.
My home is: a little slice of paradise despite the paper-thin walls and windows.
My goal is: to make macrame fashionable.
My soul is: owned by a thieving kitty.
My dreams are: not all that unrealistic, and involve comfort instead of riches.
My life is: meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Other places to stalk earthcharms:

I'm coming out of hibernation!

This is a companion piece to my 'Scarlett sez: Fiddle Dee Dee'---this is ' Rhett sez: Frankly My Dear'

The magnets are from an old reading book story- 'The Simpleton'.

things are getting a little better situated around here, so hopefully I'll be getting my act together.

I finished and listed a new beadwoven necklace tonight on cigarboxbeads and 2 cute little magnets on suchandsort---and I'm planning to do some more 90/90s---so wish me luck!

Monday, February 18, 2008

and another---summerseas

This is Summerseas Prosperity Loose Incense blend!

Check out her blog at:

Making herbal products is an absolute joy for Tracy, and she knows that her love of Nature comes through in her work! She is a certified Herbalist with over ten years of experience healing with herbs.

Tracy makes her herbal products with the finest organically grown and ethically wild-crafted ingredients available. Why Organic? Because she believes that her products are truly better when she uses ingredients which have NOT been irradiated, treated with pesticides or sprays. Your body and spirit needs good, clean energy! Making every product with only organic ingredients costs a little more, but it's worth it!

Summer Sea Herbs is a small company, and Tracy personally make all of her products in small batches, by hand. This ensures quality control and product effectiveness.

With many years experience as a medical Herbalist, and many more as a practicing Green witch, all Tracy's products are made with great care and skill. Whether you want a delicious tea or need an incense blend to assist in magickal workings, you can be confident that she has taken great care in blending your item. All her medicinal and magickal formulas are tried and true, developed from the personal needs of her community over the years. She keeps her product packaging to a minimum, re-usable and recyclable, to have a low impact on the environment. It makes Tracy very happy to help people through the use of herbs!

back to 90/90! KreativeMindz !

Here is one of Aly's great 'Hair Wraps'!

KreativeMindz is our company started a few years ago (a dream I've had forever). Aly and Beau are a husband and wife team, supporting each other through love, laughter and creativity. An-G is one of Aly's best friends, who is a wonderful seamstress and enjoys sewing in her free time, when she isn't being a vet :).

KreativeMindz mostly makes clothing (in all sizes and colors), Goddess Wraps™, Hot Packs, Bags, Purses, Wallets, Cuffs and many other cool things! Beau is a very skilled craftsman and carpenter. Check out the Wooden Kreationz section to see some things my husband is now adding. :D

Aly was born and raised in a home of artists. Her mother a painter, and her father a photographer.
As kids they always were doing some sort of "project". This has continued for
them thoughout their life, dipping my hands in all sorts of creative "projects". Aly found her nitch in sewingand she LOVES creating different things. She pictures it in her mind and then it is her "gift". She also enjoys working with the different fibers to see what can be done with them.
Aly mostly stay at home and mother to 2 wonderful and beautiful children (9 and 2), her husband and best friend, their 3 dogs and a cat, and on their beautiful land. This keeps her busy, as I'm sure you can imagine, but I try to sew on a daily basis, even if it's only 15 minutes. Her husband is a carpenter and loves working with his hands and building wonderful things!

An-G is living in Columbus, where she just graduated from vet school(WHOOHOOO!!!). She is currently engaged to be married next summer! :)
She has been sewing a long time as well, learning some from her mother and some from herself! More to come on An-G. :)

lordy, lordy!

I have been seriously AWOL. Family stuff and this COMPUTER! arrrrrggggghhhhh. It takes me forever to get on to and then the computer freezes and goes blue on me-----now it's happening with my own blog. We all have these viruses, I guess!

AnywayS- I plan to list some more 90/90 tonight- since I was finally able to get on here. I went to JoAnns tonight and bought a great magazine- about blogging---but the pictures are so great! I hope I have time tonight to REALLY read through it!

I've been busy with hubby- he might be coming home Wednesday, but none of us- him included, think he is ready--so we'll see. The house is pretty much ready for an old guy with a walker ;>), and we all miss him - we spend a lot of time with him at the hospital, but it isn't the same.

so----hope to see you all later ( I had to give up on my 'thing-a day' --my 'things' were viruses for me and the computer, and with everything else- I got too far behind on that, too! ;>( )

marilyn g

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


ContasBrasil's Shop Announcement

ContasBrasil opened a second shop! It's called CONTASKOELN: (Please note that the URL is spelled differently, with C on Coeln!). That's where all
their beads and supplies will be sold.
You can also see and get to know more about their pieces at:
at BebĂȘ's Blog:
at Indiepublic:
And at their website:

To be Brazilian
Living in a tropical paradise
surrounded by stimulating colors and brightness.
Keeping alive the joy and spontaneity of a child.
CONTASBRASIL wants to bring the unique feeling of living in Brazil to every corner of the world.
Exotic, joyful and irresistible.
Impossible not to be enchanted
by the colors and shapes of Brazil.

ContasBrasil - more than just jewelry

Since 2005, the brazilian Suzy Wortberg designs in Cologne custom jewelry together with two artists from her native country, BebĂȘ de Soares and Ana Vilas Boas. Brazil meets Europe. Where different cultures meet, ideas spring up. Contrasts produce exciting new concepts. Jewelry is the expression of personality. Thus all ContasBrasil products are handmade, unique pieces, developed with a taste for things special. Inspired by the Brazilian light, it's many-sided culture and the countless riches of the Brazilian soil. Motivated by the desire of bringing people the unique feeling of life in Brazil.

Monday, February 11, 2008

90/90 Lizstaley's realm of nerdiness!!

I LOVE IT~~~~ !!I gave my granddaughters a cup of water and a brush to paint, too---one of them might grow up to be Lizstaley! I'm hoping! :>)
Liz grew up in Baltimore, but is now living in Greenville, NC. Her mom got her into arts and crafts when she was really little (She wanted to help her paint ceramics when she was a baby, so she'd give her a paintbrush, a cup of water, and a rubber ducky. Took Liz awhile to figure out that it's supposed to change colors when you paint it though!). Ever since then she has loved to draw and create things.
She loves to crochet, make buttons, do drawings, sew, and come up with new ideas!

Her hobbies when she's not creating things are watching anime, playing tabletop role-playing games (Dungeons and Dragons; Big Eyes, Small Mouth; D20 Modern, West End Games' D6 System, etc), building web-pages, and playing on GaiaOnline[dot]com. Liz also has a gallery on DeviantArt and Flickr, both of which you can find with the user name lizstaley as well.

She is also

Liz likes to blog about her crafts as well! You can visit her blog at

In addition, she also is writing and illustrating a story that she publishes to the web, and have been working on since she was a senior in high school. It's gone through many, many versions and updates, and Liz is eventually thinking about having it published. You can check that out at

Oh, and she's an emote junkie, so... BE WARNED!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

90/90 Sweetirie

and they ARE really sweet! AND some are on clearance right now---check out her shop to see ;>)

Established in 2005, the Sweet Irie name came
about from the newest addition to her family; her kitten, Irie. Her name means, supreme joy; quite fitting! She is the light of *Sweetirie's* life and the inspiration for her jewelry, as she likes to help her work! Although *sweetirie* has to admit, she isn't much help! She loved to play with the jewelry and balls of hemp she once used; stringing it all over the house. Needless to say, she now has her own stash of 'toys' lying around. Just as well, *Sweetirie* has since moved on from making hemp jewelry and to create the beautiful handmade beaded designs you will see throughout her store. *Sweetirie* does hope you enjoy!

Sweetirie is a proud member of etsy bead street team-

90/90 --Lostmitten

My granddaughters LOVE To make designs with perler beads, so I know how exacting this is ( since I always have to figure out what went wrong!)- and check out the cute buttons and how Lauren packages them---just so geekygreat and I love it! ;>)

Isn't that the greatest etsy shop name?---love it!
Lostmitten's name is Lauren, she's 25 years old, and she creates all of the crafts for sale in the Lost Mitten Etsy Shop. Lauren is currently living in Brantford, Ontario, Canada with her fiance, Paul. Her personal website is: and her blog is located at:

Lostmitten has been creating handcrafted items for her Etsy shop, Lost Mitten, since September 2006. Paul and Lauren are both huge video game addicts, ranging from the early days of the NES and SNES up to the latest games (especially for the Wii and DS!). Lauren says that she is continually inspired by her love for video games in creating many of her original crafts.

The items in Lostmitten's shop are all highly unique and original - She came up with all of the ideas on her own. She continually tries to be creative by crafting new and interesting items for her shop.

In addition to video games, Lauren also loves to knit and crochet, along with creating journals and other paper goods, as well as needlepoint, acrylic felt creations, pinback buttons, and jewelry.

I know that you will enjoy the items in Lauren's shop, and that they will make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone that you love!

To check out the blogs and website that have featured Lostmitten's work, please visit here:

Lostmitten is also a proud member of:

The Trans-Canada Etsy Team
Etsy Veg

Thursday, February 7, 2008

As I mentioned before---

I signed up on 'thing-a-day' and have been working on 'something' everyday- or at least a part of something every day. It's been going okay--especially since I've not been feeling that great and lots of other stuff going on here!

AnywayS--here's an update---I started painting a little old teak bowl, it was kind of beat up--so I painted it sage green, added some pink tissue I'd stamped with a face, added little legs, dotted with some pink dots--not done yet, maybe tomorrow---a *thing* a day- remember! ? ;>)

90/90 Stacirose

Stacirose has all kinds of great items on her etsy site---I'm showing a few of her Judaica items, as I believe they are difficult to find unless you find a Temple Gift shop nearby! Great goodies, Staci Rose!

Staci Rose, is the busy bee of Staci Rose Designs. She offers original, hand-made, and one of a kind: Original Oil Paintings, Handmade Jewelry, Decorated Picture Frames and Mirrors, Judaica, Bead Boxes, Mother's Earrings, and more great gift ideas! Custom orders always welcome!

Here's what some of Stacirose's customers have said!

"Very impressive in every way.", Kate, NY
"Gorgeous earings; fast shipping; Will buy from again; good seller.", Livia, FL
"I love this piece. Mystical. Good transaction.", John, PA
"Sophistication PLUS Beautifully designed & well made jewelry by excellent Artist.", Lyn, NC
"Very fast shipping, thanks my son loves it!", Jody, WI
"Nice picture frame. Excellent communication and fast shipping. Highly recommend!", Mike, MD
"Beautiful Jewelry I plan to be a returning customer A+.", Bonnie, CT
"Even better than pictured, fast shipment, great to work with.", Nancy, WA
"Beautiful merchandise. Business-like. Thank you.", Rebecca, GA
"Wow! Great earrings, great price, amazingly fast, well-packed shipping. Thanks!", Georgia, LA
"Beautiful work & fast shipping. Will be back again! Super Creations.", Linda, AZ

Staci is an artist living and growing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She hopes you enjoyher work as much as she enjoyed making it.

She am a proud member of:
WWAO - Worldwide Women's Art Organization
EBSQ - an art collective of Self-Representing Artists

Please visit Stacirose at:

You can also find great Etsy Judaica items as well as Isreali Etsy sellers here:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

90/90 - wyredonwire

Aren't these so delicate and pretty?

wyredonwire was born and partially raised in NB Canada, She states that she fell in love at the tender age of eight when as a christmas gift her grandparents gave her a large beading kit from then on she was always making some form of jewelry or another. She still very much loves making jewelry,the only thing that has changed isthe the range of materials, from plastic stretch cord to plastic beads to silver and precioua stones. Asan artist you can'tcompletely limit your materials and be happy for too long.She has many ideas for fresh and unique designs using a variety of materials. No mass production- all one of a kind!

wyredonwire is a member of etsy moms street team
Etsy Bags

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Aren't these items great? A sweet, soft shopping cart liner for baby, a great little summer pillowcase dress and those sweet little pink crocheted ballet slippers!

Elle Belle is the place to find handmade, boutique quality baby items that make being a Mom easier and more fun!

It all started when Stacey and a few of her friends started making things for their own children and realized that even though they each only had one or two things they specialized in, colaborating is more fun and makes for a shop full of things we all absolutely couldn't live without.

Stacey says....Happy Shopping

thing a day 2

still not having much luck posting at thing-a-day-----but here is today's goodie!

pictures from a very vintage reading book--mod-podged to the back of flat glass 'marbles'---I think I'll make them into magnets---they turned out kind of cute!

Friday, February 1, 2008

my *thing a day* .....

I joined last night----'cause I read about it on mycatlulu's blog--did my :thing:, tried to post it on thing a day---and got the message that it was down--so----just to make it legal ;>), I'm posting it here, too!

I made a little spiral notebook with an old postcard from Solvang, CA as the cover--kind of cute---but all I really had time for today--