Tuesday, January 6, 2009

still kickin'

found some more stuff while on my destashing and dehoarding kick. I have entirely too much....found some sweet gift tags, vintage, but retro vintage- the prints are sweet kiddy prints from the 30s and 40s--I must have had something in mind for them, but they're so cute!

I bought a vintage coat for my daughter for Christmas, it just came today and it's gorgeous! It's from MagooVintage on etsy, so go check her out- she has great stuff.

I also got quite a few goodies from etsy-ians for the holidays- peace cranes from LocalColorist, oatmeal soap from Lave, hairpins from Combustion, resin heart necklaces from isewcute, a great chocolate goddess lampworked bookmark from michvanetta, great fingerless gloves from shellmitchell---I totally rocked on the etsy xmas!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

AWOL for over a month!

my, how time flies--too fast!

we've had a lot of things going on here in the family--hospital visits, sickness, holiday preparations or non-preparations, young love problems...( not me! ;>) ) so my goal is AGAIN - to get my act together, craft, blog,sell, sell, craft, tweet, sell, craft......and get rid of some of the goodies I've been hoarding for many years! gotta be done...i just joined a new etsyteam- hoardersunited, and i'm hoping that helps with the letting go!

I found some silk embroidery ribbon that i've had for almost 20 years, and it went into the 'let go' pile--