Sunday, September 18, 2011

School Carnival fun!

I was 'invited' to sell my beadweaving and altered goodies at the school carnival, where the twinnies attend---but--my goodies aren't really the best sell at a carnival! The girlies really wanted me to do it- so, of course, I did! The Carnival was great- it always is--their mommy and auntie attended the same school, and I was PTA Pres for a few years back in the day--and Ways and Means ( Carnival) for a few years--believe me when I say- times have changed---school carnivals are big time now!
Back to my table at the Carnival--my daughter ( the auntie) took pictures of my table- I really should have had two--but since I only sold one item- I guess lugging 2 tables would have been a waste of energy! Please check out the pictures here ( the knees in the background of the smallesst picture belong to Papa--who stayed with me the entire time!