Sunday, October 31, 2010

Most of the candy is gone...

and I didn't eat it all! But I'm exhausted!

We have a neighbor who goes all out-Pirate for Halloween---and the result is---everyone from probably a 50 mile radius comes to our neighborhood to check it out--and of course---go trick or treating on our street!

I went through 2 huge Costco bags of candy---sat out front ( it's easier) from about 6:30 on---little secret--had 2 glasses of wine---we call it 'mam mam's wa wa' heh heh-got me through the experience~

Of course, the girlies and mommies and daddies were over--here are some pictures and a not very good picture of the Pirate House~

...Happy Halloweenie...

just found myself in a new treasury this weekend---from my etsy vintage team--it's my men and their bells and such...bracelet..

Friday, October 29, 2010

a Halloween Preview...

Here are the girlie bumblebees at the Halloween Parade at their school today!

They are so cute---wonder what baby ryan---who is now 14 mos. old will be--mommy keeps changing---just like when she was a little girl! ;>)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Altering, altering----over-altering! ;>)

I recently opened my 4th etsy store---yeah---why---i'm nutzy- as my friend Sherry Goodloe ( )says---i must suffer from 'Artzheimers'---( so happy Sherry is doing well!

I moved goodies around from my suchandsort store on etsy--which was just what it said---this and that---and started putting altered creations in my suchandsortaltered shop--this is for the Halloweeny season---I found the old photo in an antique store- it says 'Dennis' on the back- so I made it all about Dennis!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lordy- where have I been?

I've been a bad old farty lady---;>)

Too much going on in this house/famdamily and I sort of let my poor blog go to la la land!

Tonight I got an etsy convo from a great etsian, asking me why I quit posting---and I'd been thinking about it myself--- so here we go- - thanks for giving me the shove I needed! ;>)

Just got home from Bunco---took the babydaddyin-law as a sub and the old ladies love him----asked him to join! ;>)))) and he loves it, too!

Here's a picture of Ryan---the child of my daughter and babydaddyinlaw! She was a year on September 4th and she's walking all over the place!....and in my house- there is SO much stuff to get into---but that's okay---it's only 'stuff'!

( that's ranch dressing all over her face---she loves ranch, just like her mommy and her cousins, jillian and joely! )