Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sleep is eluding me.....

so i'm fiddlefartin' around on the computer!

Let me tell you about our Thanksgiving---well--not everything ;>)

We had our feast on Saturday, because Beth and Bruce ( older daughter and hub) and the twinnies went to his family's house for their feast--i don't mind holding off--so we ate on sat.

i started cooking fri. night, continued on through sat---finally sat down to eat around 5ish--and the food was good, if i do say so myself--even stayed hot for everyone.

We sat all over the house to eat- and baby ryan and the twinnies, jillie and jojo, added some drama--ryan running full speed into the coffee table and the girlies, did a little arguing, whining and fighting....

but--isn't that what family dinners are all about? ;>)

here's a picture of me, holding ryan---actually, she's busy trying to get off my lap to run into more mischief! I look 3 sheets to the wind- and ryan has pieces of cookie all over her dress---a regular Madonna and Child! heh heh

But---everyone enjoyed their meal--couldn't get the girls to be still for a picture- maybe their mom got one--we'll see.

Today, i put a bunch of new goodies up in my etsy shops---mostly in http://suchandsort.etsy.com and http://suchandsortaltered.etsy.com i've kind of been ignoring all my shops, trying to help a fellow cccoe-er 'run' the Black Friday Sale for CCCOE ---i hope some got lots of sales--me---nada!

but, as i just mentioned----the meal was good--heh heh heh heh--

till later when i'm roaming the house at 4-5 am..............


Thursday, November 18, 2010

At the Kid's Table.........

Jillian, Sammy and Joely

Hubby's brother, wife and most of their kids and grandkids were visiting from Sacramento last weekend-- we had the annual 'lobster fest', that my hubby loooooves!
Lots of work for the rest of us, but he does boil the lobsters to get them ready.

We take the food over to our daughter's home, because she has much more room---plus she has our 'old' big table, blah, blah, blah---makes it more work---but we did have fun!

After the adults ate--the 7 year olds ate--the twinnies and their cousin Sammy--we call them The Triplets now! ...and they really got along well---

Here they are, posing!