Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Beadweaver's Challenge!

Etsy beadweavers have another new challenge--'First Ladies of Style'---and I entered again!

I made this bracelet and could not think of a good name for it---and that's not like me! But---one of my good etsy teamsters came up with a great name and it fit the challenge--

LocalColorist -- -- named it 'Gaia Goddess' , my daughters got together and decided that was a great name, and I agreed!

Voting doesn't start till August 9th--so I'm finished early this time---;>)

Check out all the great entries soon on and vote for your favorite!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some of my pixie collection-

notice, I said SOME!

I had to move some things around so daughter could move her stuff out, so i cleaned up these little guys, and moved them back. I probably have over 1000 different pixies, these are just a few of them- mostly Gilner, some handcrafted in the '50s to look like Gilner--

My very favorites are the large girl and boy planters on the top--

just thought I'd picture some here for posterity!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Remember JuJuBes at the movies?

just listed this summer jujube bracelet yesterday---no calories, either--

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Taking a breath........

The last 2 weeks have been--well--crazy! Everyone here had some nasty summer respiratory flu, our younger daughter is having a baby, moving out ( can't lift anything, and i'm not supposed to lift anything --so guess who's lifting when baby daddy can't... me!) the twinnies started summer school, so that means picking them up and watching them more than normal, taking hubby to the doctors, helping other daughter with *stuff*--and trying to clean up around here, now that we have more than a path through the house--daughter had a LOT of stuff to pack and move.

After i just typed that, i thought---well, that's not that much! How come it was when i had to do it? and how come i'm exhausted? ;>0 I'm supposed to be retired!too old for all this, i guess!

I did manage to take some pictures today, between all the other stuff....

BEM's Great Sale-brations!

Just had a chance to sit down and work on my 1000 Markets Beadweaving Shop-- lots of sales going on in the Beadweaving Market --not just mine! ;>) Please go there and check out all the great goodies--and maybe select some for your very own!

( you can click on the red, white and blue top hat over here-----------> and it will take you to the same place!)