Monday, July 5, 2010

Etsy Cottage Style

Happy 5th of July! I cannot believe it's July--where does the time go?

I remember when i was a youngster, I could not wait until 1960-- when I would be 20 yrs old! Now it's 2010, and I'll be 70--where oh where did all that time go? A hint to youngsters--don't wish your life away! ;>)

My shop, has a lot of shabby, cottagy goodies, and I'm on the Cottage Shabby Team, so today I'm participating in 'Market Mondays' please check out the badge on the right for info--and have a great summery week. ( we're still suffering from June gloom here, and I'm ready for some heat--the gloom gives me sinus headaches and arthur-itis agony--so I'm ready for the summer!)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Old Bottles- but not as old as me!

well- some of these vintage bottles and tubes and tins might almost be as old as me-;>)--remember, a while back, I think I mentioned that i got a bunch of bottles at a garage sale in my neighborhood? Just thought I'd post some of the pictures here- there ARE more, but these are a few that I decided to immortalize here! ;>)

They're from a long closed drug store, in Long Beach, CA, if I remember correctly.