Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dang Internet 'Tubes'!

I've been trying to get on/stay on the internet ALL day. I get so frustrated. But I did get some beading done, packages wrapped, off to the PO -tile floor cleaned ( 4 rooms of it!) and it was SO humid here today---a 3 shower day!

I've been working on my creation for the next ebw challenge---I didn't get anything accomplished for the last two----and weren't all the entries gorgeous?

I took a picture-peek of my materials---more later.

And--thanks for the suggestions on the 'steampunk'* * bracelet ( steampunk, in my opinion, is basically a collection of junque! ;>) I'm digging around for some other goodies on the same theme as the bells, keys and old rubber men!

Take a peek at my beginnings of the next ebwc!

1 comment:

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Maybe we will both be able to get something in this new one and they can get confused over the Marilyns. LOL