Sunday, September 18, 2011

School Carnival fun!

I was 'invited' to sell my beadweaving and altered goodies at the school carnival, where the twinnies attend---but--my goodies aren't really the best sell at a carnival! The girlies really wanted me to do it- so, of course, I did! The Carnival was great- it always is--their mommy and auntie attended the same school, and I was PTA Pres for a few years back in the day--and Ways and Means ( Carnival) for a few years--believe me when I say- times have changed---school carnivals are big time now!
Back to my table at the Carnival--my daughter ( the auntie) took pictures of my table- I really should have had two--but since I only sold one item- I guess lugging 2 tables would have been a waste of energy! Please check out the pictures here ( the knees in the background of the smallesst picture belong to Papa--who stayed with me the entire time!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PromoFrenzy MEGA Sale!11!1!!! ;>)

Lots of sales going on in Promo Frenzy Shops --- just go to etsy and click this in----

it gives a list of all the promofrenzy shops with great sales--

(some from my own shop at etsy, too----- )

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Made to order!

I've been working on a made to order bracelet--my customer wanted a peyote bracelet, with a celtic knot design---after sketching it out many times--I finally sent her a picture and she responded that it was exactly what she wanted---she had a bracelet when she was young--pink and black, with a celtic knot design and she wanted another!

The sketching was the easy part--;>) the beadweaving of it was a pain, until I got into the rhythm of the design---lots of rippits! ---but it's finished and I thought I would put it up here.

I've designed and made about 5 beadweaving projects for customers and I always say--I'll never do it again--but always seem to change my mind when asked again! Seems like the goal and the designing something new gets me in gear!

I'm putting up some pictures of some other 'made to order' goodies, too--and now I'm working on a wide black and white netted collar for someone. I'll put that up here when I get further along!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So exciting----

The Promo Frenzians DO rock! Our team won the Handmadeology Top Ten Contest---

woot woot---

check it out here--->

congrats, teammies--and especially Janet of Galla15~

Friday, June 24, 2011

more *rockage* from Promo Frenzians!

The PromoFrenzians Team from etsy are in a great Handmade Top 10 Contest - please check us out and vote, vote, vote!

Click on the burnt orange header to get there.......

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another cellini finished!

kind of looks like cotton candy, doesn't it? ;>) Am already at work on a black, grey and silver one! I had a friend ask me why I was continuing to make them, when none of them are selling on etsy ( they are expensivo---but they're lots and lots of beads and lots and lots of time!) and my answer for her was------I truly am addicted to them--I love the logical pattern and how it turns out --never thought my brain would go *that way*! ;>)---and maybe someone else will finally want one and buy....I can look forward to that, as well ;>)))

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Something I discovered this past weekend at my little 'get-a-way' in the Palm Springs area---something that probably everyone but me realized---but- here it is, anywayS! ;>)

I was painting some little clothes pins, and decided I didn't want to use a paper plate for the paints ( I was running out of plates! ;>) ) so---I used the little screw bottle tops from water bottles---worked great --am I the first to figure this out? Didn't think so! ;>0

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More of my *cellini addiction*! ;>)

I started another cellini spiral bangle--my 3rd--and I'm already thinking of colors for another!

I have the first 2 up on etsy- lots of lookers, but no buyers! I know- they're pricey--but they take f o r e v e r and use a lot of beads!

Here is the newest--light pastels- almost like Easter Egg colors!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beader Block

After having beader's block AGAIN! - I've finally finished a few goodies that were just sitting there- looking at me- making me feel guilty!

I kind of became addicted to making Cellini Spiral Bangles - made 2 and collecting colors for another---I've not priced them as high as other I've seen on etsy--but it's not for the lack of work and beads! They take f o r e v e r- but fun ( when I'm in the mood!)

The first one I made was the M&M Carnival Colored one and the one I just finished is the Strawberry Swirl!

( they're on if you want to see them all in their glory!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weird Wednesday ;>)

A while back, I posted some pictures of my 'museum of the odd'---my pixies have 'asked' me to publicize them again! ;>)

I have SO much weird stuff---so much---so I thought I'd have a Weird Wednesday here on my blog with my weird $%#^ !

Here are just a few --- of my weird pixies--i've started selling them on etsy, but these---I have a hard time letting go of!

yeah- I know- I'm a pixie-hoarder! heh heh

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Promo Frenzians Rock!

*My* new etsy team- Promo Frenzy is made up of total energizer bunnies~not only do they create as great artisans, they promote teammates, make beautiful treasuries, and are wonderful, helpful teammies!

The Frenzian I consider my mentor is CreativityHappens--she helped me along with my first treasury and checks in with me...these are some of her goodies --i love the monsters - my daughter made me some of these many years ago and they're staring at me right now! is where this artisan resides!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Sunday all---

Hope everyone is enjoying the Prez Day weekend! I've been working around, trying to organize, throw away, clean---yadda--but today, the whirlwindgirl, Ryan was over---check out the pictured of mam mam's living room/Ryan's playroom!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Since my last foray here- etsy has changed ( i have lots of goodies for sale in 4 different shops on --ack! ;>) ) --the forums, teams and other 'etsy-procedures' have changed!

I belong to the CCCOE Team - California Crafters ---and my team members are fantastic--etsyvintage team, hoardersuniteteam,wwwg team,yadda yadda---but - now, i've joined another team- Promotional Frenzy---and these etsians are wonderful and work so hard for not only their own shops, but others in the team!

So--if you check the right hand side ----> you'll see a list of Promotional Frenzians who have blogs---please visit them.

Over the weekend, i'll try to feature one of the Frenzians!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

hiya--and happy new year! sale and see the girlies!

I'm not 'recovered' from the *holidays*, getting ready---then getting over it---ey yi yi!

Grandaughter Ryan has been 'visiting' me and she LOVES to redecorate our house! She walks in the house, looks around, picks up things ( and I have a lot of things to pick up! ) looks around--gives it back to me---or, puts it somewhere else, or walks on to something else and throws the first thing over her shoulder! Pretty hilarious--and she LOVES stickers---her first word, after mama is *'ticker*, so I find those all over, too.

I don't remember the twinnies - or their mommies doing these things--but then again- I don't remember much of anything at this point in my life, so.........;>)

Right now, I'm having a sale ( big, for me!) on -buy one beadwoven or beady item and the second is half price---it lasts till Monday evening--lots of lookers so far, but no buyers! ;>( I enjoyed making all of the goodies, so I guess that will have to keep me happy!

I'm putting up the picture that was our Holiday card- daughters took the kiddies to the Seal Beach Pier and had their pictures taken--my gift was a gorgeous picture of all the 'Goodman Girls' --made me cry! ;>)

I love this one, too - baby Ryan doesn't look too sure about where she is and what's going on!