Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunny Delight---yummy!

I worked most of Father's Day on this -- ignored the PaPa in the house--heh heh, and beaded--

well, i left him alone to watch tv, without bothering him, so it was okay! ;>)

I love this bracelet--if i wasn't retired and still wore a lot of my goodies- i'd keep it! Maybe someone else will like it, too-

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Speaking of Vintage.....

This week's featured seller on The Vintage Village is *Poshadormnent*. ( Vintage Village is another site I'm on - but I wish I had the beautiful adornments that Poshadornment has!)

Check it out---she's having a sale right now---and everything in her etsy shop is wonderful- I especially like this vintage amythyst glass bead choker--yummy!

New Promo buttons---------->

Coming up soon is 1000 Markets Beadweavers Fourth of July Sale----more about that later, but the Red, White and Blue Button is to remind me ;>))

The other button is from my teamhoardersunite on etsy---we're all trying to destash, and that's to remind me about that! ;>) check out ---lots of good stuff there!

This old lady getting into too much new-fangled stuff! :>)


I think I've gone way beyond my abilities in getting involved in all this internetS stuff!

I twitter, joined facebook, myspace,have 3 etsy shops, am in different groups on ning for vintage---lordy, lordy. oh- selling on ebay, too!!1!!1

I'm in lots of teams on etsy- etsy beadweavers, cccoe team, etsyvintageteam, cottageshabbyteam, teamhoardersunite, wwwgteam--i'm sure i've missed something--WHAT is wrong with me? ;>) no---i already know- don't tell me!

In my quest for my hoarded stuff, i just put up some packs of goodies i'm calling foux foux collections--- lots of interest, but no sales yet---today, maybe i'll go through my *stuff* and put some more * collections* up!

these are on

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pearls and Crystals and Silver OH MY!!

After a long dry spell of not beadweaving for EBW Challenges--I finally got one entered again---there are always so many beautiful entries--I'm never disappointed even if I don't get many votes! It's such eye-candy!

My entry is a pearl bracelet--beadwoven after many hours of designing, ripping out, breaking needles....but I was on a mission! ;>) The pearls were so expensive--but I had the silver toggle and hand charm in my stash--even had the strong nymo, beadalon and crimps in my stash! But those pearls---I fell in love with them, so along with them and the heart toggle and the hand charm--it's a bracelet I would want to wear if I were getting married---no--I'm not---It'll be 46 yrs in August--first and only wedding for me! heh heh

I'm babbling when I should be putting beads away and settling down for the night--so here's the bracelet....

Be sure to check the etsy bead-weaver's blog to vote for your favorites between the 9th and 15th of each month and check in to see the wonderful work that the Etsy Beadweavers create for the monthly challenges. Copy and paste this link to your browser:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My beady brain idea....

Whilst ;>) doing a crossword puzzle, i figured---how would this look in a bracelet? Off to the bead store to get black and white cube beads, figure out my pattern and this is what I came up with....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dry Spell Over---I'm hoping! ;>)

okay, I'm hoping I'm over the beadweaving dry spell- just listed a fringey bracelet- Fins and Feathers--on etsy.

Time to vote again---EBW Challenge!

Please go to and check out all the great entries!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Blossom earrings

My wonderful blossoms on the vine customer asked me if I could come up with some earrings to match her *new* choker--after at least 6 tries--this is what I came up with-

She's happy, and now I'm working on the second one---

Special Person's Day

Yep---PaPa and I are *Special People* ;>)

the twinnies invited us to *Special Person's Day* at their school - where we had a picnic and listened to the school choir--

( only had to park about a mile away, after dropping PaPa off ---lots of *special people* at school that day!