Monday, June 21, 2010

What I did on the weekend!

I took another great class from Sherry Goodloe-- and

This one was held at a great little shop named Whimzy, in Old Town Tustin---I got there about 5 minutes early, and of course, had to go through the shop--and I needed this--and this---and this.....;>)

But, on to the class--this time was a great charm necklace. Sherry is such a great teacher and had another great kit for her students! I took some other little goodies with me, that I'd been saving ( hoarding!) and used those as well---Sherry had some great hints- that only come from someone who knows what they are doing and has found ways to make fun work- more fun- and easier----which leads to more ideas from the students--

It was a great day, and here is my finished product! ( well, maybe I'll add some other goodies later!)

Checy Sherry's blog for pictures of some other great necklaces!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My 'new' design!

Back to beadin' ---I guess I shouldn't say that- I think it's a trademarked phrase--but, oh well--I am back to beadin'!

A few months ago, I designed and beadwove a collar for an 'etsy-friend' and after finishing, thought about what else I could do with the idea--so I came up with a Choker/Collar combination--a 'Chokollar'! My first is in a netting stitch, black and grey, tied with silk hand dyed ribbons--kind of goth- kind of Victorian...please check it out--see what you think! It's in my etsy shop -

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back Again!

Busy family stuff here--I did get some delicas together to work on the owl feather bracelet I plan to do, in memory of my sister-in-law- working on a bead embroidered pendant focal- almost finished, and a black and silver netted collar, awaiting black hand dyed silk ribbon!

And.....I've been working on some memory collage boxes. Today, I attended a class taught by Sherry Goodloe, of Got Art - and . She's such a great teacher and her 'kits' are just perfect. There were 10 of us in the class, and each and every one of us left with great memory boxes! ( most of us didn't want to leave, but....;>) ) I don't take too many classes, I usually attempt to learn on my own, but Sherry always makes it fun AND relaxing--so, as one of my 'classmates' mentioned--it was just like a day away at a Spa!

Here are some pics of mine, I think I want to add a few more things, but I'm really happy with how it turned out! Thank you, Sherry! ♥