Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tonight, I'm just weary....

and not a good weary! ;>0

Took hubby to the eye dr today, and on the way, the steering wheel was pretty much torn out of my hands, twice- I though I'd hit something or was having a flat tire, then ---see police and sheriff cars all over the place, lights were out- get to dr--aha---earthquake!

The dr's report was not so great either, hubby has lost most of the sight in his left eye, due to diabetes, but it's off and on. Dr performed laser surgery, but it can only repair - not take away the problem. poor hubby.

Then we came home and there was a bunch of stuff that had fallen off shelves, some broken things---but there is something to be said for not dusting much---some stuff just sticks to the shelf! Sounds nasty, but it works. I picked up some of it, made hubby lunch, and went to watch the twinnies, who were entirely TOO perky and ready for fun, swimming, tearing stuff out, needling with me- the quake must have given them some kind of 'sugar' high!

Came home, did dinner, picked some more stuff up, and then just said to myself- to h*ll with it, I can do it later. Just pretty depressing, but tomorrow will be better.

I did take a picture yesterday of the wreath I'm making for daughter #2, luckily I had put that somewhere safe and it wasn't broken, nothing fell on it--I still need some more small balls, but I was tired of it being on the floor--it's still a while till the holidayz! ;>) Now I need to find somewhere safe to hang it.

I haven't even really gotten to bead anything today, just a little crocheting, that I'll have to rip out because of the 'help' I was getting! ;>)

so...tomorrow will be better! It better be better!


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Marilyn, you need a big hug. Sorry to hear about hubby's eyes. Hope things start getting a little better for you. Glad to hear that there wasn't any injuries from the earthquake. I thought about all of my internet friends in California and hoped and prayed that none of you would be hurt.

Regal Beads said...

Wow, what a crazy day!
I'm sorry things are so rough right now :(