Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A VERY eventful and scary week-

which I'll talk about later--when I'm really over it! ;>0

Right now, I'd like to be a good etsyian--and work on my goodies and with other great etsyians....It makes me feel so much bettah!

I'd like you to see some of the works of Giftbearer whose work DOES make me feel better!

Giftbearer specializes in high-end indigenous jewelry- beautiful one of a kind items- of course ;>) Most of her work is tribal-oriented--which is one of my favorites- this bracelet is gorgeous---
Happy New Year!

marilyn g



Giftbearer said...

Hi Marilyn,

I am really glad these pieces made you feel better! I hope things continue to be on the mend! You've got some gorgeous work sourself! I love "Fiddle dee dee". Is that Ndebele? I love the way you got it to curve on one end and point straight down on the other!

cigarboxbeads said...

Thank you, giftbearer--I hope you're feeling better, too.

Yes, it's ndebele/herringbone over memory wire--I'd had it in my mind for a long time---except it was in black! I thought it turned out pretty good in red.

thanks again, for looking!

marilyn g