Thursday, January 3, 2008

Scarlett sez:

well, fiddle dee dee!

Strong language, huh? ;>)))

That's the name of my new 'creation'! I finished it on New Year's Eve - the first chance I'd had to bead for a while. My eventful--and not good--week started the day after Christmas when my never ill- never complains--husband had a stroke! Big wake up call for all of us--he also has/had undiagnosed diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Won't go to see a Dr for ANYTHING! Things have changed! My crying spells have stopped now--he's up and around- still not great-but okay. What helped me was a relatively new beading/caregivers group on yahoo--head beader lady is Barb Grainger--it's BeadingCaregivers on yahoo--and the short time I've been there and emailed back and forth with Barb-have helped me immensely! So- thank you to Barb and the other beaders on that site and also my beadweaving compatriots on etsybeadweavers, who have stuck with me through this~

I've started listing the etsy beadweavers in a sidebar--more to come- it's harder to find time to do stuff anymore- but they'll all be up there soon!

Back to Fiddle Dee Dee--- I love it, but then, I'm prejudiced, huh? I've entered it in Etsybeadweaver's Red Challenge--soon all the Red Challenge goodies will be up on Etsybeadweaversblog and you can go check them out and vote for YOUR favorite! ;>)

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