Monday, January 14, 2008 lovely!

* Double Delight* - keishi fresh water pearls shaped like cornflakes! So elegant!

Elektrajewelry is a sparkle freak. Things that shimmer and shine have always attracted her. As a child, she glittered everything she could get her hands on and always left a trail of glitter behind her. Her love of sparkle only intensified when she started to wear and admire jewelry. Her exposure to Greek artisan jewelers from a very young age and her Greek background have influenced her love of 18k and 24k gold and her choice to work with gold vermeil.(24k gold layered over sterling silver)

She chose the name Elektra for her shop because it means bright and shining. She makes one of a kind jewelry pieces to accommodate many different styles and fashion trends. Her time and energy is devoted to creating pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for years to come.

She loves to work with gold vermeil, Bali sterling silver,semi-precious stones and vintage glass beads. Lampwork beads and Venetian Murano glass have become some of her favorite materials. The colors of these beautful Venetian beads are so exceptional,they add another dimension to her jewelry. She uses top quality findings and stones to create unique pieces which she does not duplicate. Each piece is yours alone.

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Thanks so much for the lovely feature.