Monday, January 14, 2008

stepped out for a bit-but I'm baaaaaaaaak! ;>)

It was a busy weekend--took hubby to Costco---arrrgggghhhhh---he loves it--I don't! I've told my entire family, if I ever take him there again, I need to be committed!
Even hubby said it was the most crowded he'd EVER seen it--and he was in one of those little motorized cars---which I hate--but, it got him around. One of the problems was that I would go to get something and tell him to NOT MOVE...well, you got it---he kept driving off. I had NO fun at all!!1!!11!1 seriesly!!1!!1 ;>) ( The pic I just uploaded was my mood after Costco!- actually, this was a pic of one of the twinnies, in a bad mood--years ago! ;>) )

I also have been working on getting rid of stuff and reorganizing blah, blah... I got most of my yarn in cute little boxes instead of baskets sitting all over--now I need to find a place for the boxes. I had a huge pile of magazines, saved up to read- give away, whatever--so I went through some of those too---tore out the cute things and pics I wanted to keep---which I'll probably never do anything with either. But I could sit down while I was doing it!

Later today, I'll be posting some more 90 in 90 days etsyians....stay tuned.

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