Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Little better every day.........

Today will be bettah because of the beautiful work of Patricia Vener- Silver Dragon.

Patricia states that she has always been an artist--and her beautiful work shows her ability and her loving soul.

She is retired Ballerina, a published artist-an astronomer - an author -a woman for the ages! AND--she's an accomplished BEADWEAVER!!! Yayyyy!!!

Her work, is as for most of us beadweavers- one of a kind--as the muse strikes us! Again, as most of us---not enough time to do all that we want.

This quote from Patricia says it all: "Human beings, I think, are happiest when they are allowed to create. I know this is true for me."

See Patricia's etsy beauties at:

( it's difficult to pick a favorite- but I like Hot Pink Fuzzy most of all! )

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