Sunday, September 18, 2011

School Carnival fun!

I was 'invited' to sell my beadweaving and altered goodies at the school carnival, where the twinnies attend---but--my goodies aren't really the best sell at a carnival! The girlies really wanted me to do it- so, of course, I did! The Carnival was great- it always is--their mommy and auntie attended the same school, and I was PTA Pres for a few years back in the day--and Ways and Means ( Carnival) for a few years--believe me when I say- times have changed---school carnivals are big time now!
Back to my table at the Carnival--my daughter ( the auntie) took pictures of my table- I really should have had two--but since I only sold one item- I guess lugging 2 tables would have been a waste of energy! Please check out the pictures here ( the knees in the background of the smallesst picture belong to Papa--who stayed with me the entire time!


AlliesAdornments said...

Table looks good Marilyn! Sorry the sales weren't better. It was good of your hubs to say with you.

Bella said...

You've got some great items on your table. Love the beaded purses! Sorry the sales were a bust :(

Anonymous said...


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