Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weird Wednesday ;>)

A while back, I posted some pictures of my 'museum of the odd'---my pixies have 'asked' me to publicize them again! ;>)

I have SO much weird stuff---so much---so I thought I'd have a Weird Wednesday here on my blog with my weird $%#^ !

Here are just a few --- of my weird pixies--i've started selling them on etsy, but these---I have a hard time letting go of!

yeah- I know- I'm a pixie-hoarder! heh heh


Lissie said...

So sweet!
Great collection!

Kristi Michelle said...

that is an amazing collection!

Divine In Mind said...

I LOVE those! I almost picked up a couple of them at an estate sale a few months ago but I hesitated and LOST! You know the old saying... But your collection is awesome. They are so adorable.