Tuesday, March 11, 2008

90/90 DreamON

These are just a few great examples of DreamON's artistry---difficult to choose a favorite, but I love those red high heels!

Having lived in Colorado most of DreamON's life, she earned her BA in Art Education at Colorado State University. Additionally, she has taken workshops and studied with a number of local and national artists. She belongs to several art groups in Florida and one in Colorado. She has won numerous awards in juried and non-juried art shows. She is married and currently lives on the West Coast of Florida.

She values the presence of a recognizable subject in her paintings. DreamOn loves it when the center of interest appears in the midst of background objects that aren’t so well-defined. She wants watercolor to look like watercolor, and she wants her paintings to have a painterly look, not a photographic copy. Therefore she is an impressionist, because she doesn’t want to over-control the media.

DreamON loves to paint using a variety of techniques. Having taken an experimental art class for the last 4-5 years, she is likely to paint anything, and she us always "playing."



DreamON will be sharing a percentage of the proceeds from patriotic items with the The Fisher House™ Foundation. It's a small thing shr can do to support caring for our nation's military families.

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Thank you, Marilyn. Very nice article!