Tuesday, March 25, 2008

90/90 Deabusamor

Please check out Sheika's shop - she is such a well rounded artist! Message in a Bottle and Winter Solace are just a few of her great items!

Deabusamor is Sheika Lugtu, a self-taught dabbler in various mediums. Her ultimate goal is to create pieces of jewelry or art that makes you smile every day.

Roughly translated, Deabus Amor means 'Goddess of Love' in Latin. Though Sheika states that she is by no means a deity, she believe in sharing love and good-will through each item she creates.

Everything in her shop is handmade by Sheika in a corner of her studio apartment. She does have pets but she states that she takes measures to make sure her products are hair, dander and dust-free.

Sheika says that she usually is friendly (chances increase with presence of chocolate or coffee) and a little too loud, sometimes hyper and mostly crazy.

She says she doesn't bite, so don't be scared to say Hi.;>)))

Find her at:

My blog! (( http://omgcow.blogspot.com ))
My deviantArt! (( http://deabusamor.deviantart.com ))

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