Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back again...out from my self imposed *closet*!

It's been almost 2 years since I've been back...where does that time go?  Well, I do know where it goes, but it goes mighty fast.  I do believe the last post about the Craft Show at my granddaughters school did it!!! 
A few weekends ago, I decided that I DID need to come out of my hermit existence...I took a Cage Doll class from the great Robin Dudley Howes...who does everything creatively and well.  The class was at Linda Buccis' house...another great artist.  This is my Cage Doll..I never seem to finish projects in class, so she came home with me.  My 'almost' 4 yr old granddaughter Ryan, helped me with her!  ( We do 'projects' and have 'quiet activity' time..if you know Ryan, you know nothing is quiet!)
I named my doll *Focus* because that has seemed to be one of my issues lately...hopefully *focus* will remind me to get in gear and stay there!
   I 'relearned' how to solder, made the form out of paper mache ( of course I bought the wrong thing..but it worked..Focus is just a bit bumpier than she's supposed to be.  She's painted, used some of Ryan's gems, and antiqued and coated with mod podge.  I still need to patina her joints on her skirt ( wish someone would 'patina' my joints!)

So... here she is, my re-entry into the world of blogging!  Focus!

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