Monday, February 18, 2008

lordy, lordy!

I have been seriously AWOL. Family stuff and this COMPUTER! arrrrrggggghhhhh. It takes me forever to get on to and then the computer freezes and goes blue on me-----now it's happening with my own blog. We all have these viruses, I guess!

AnywayS- I plan to list some more 90/90 tonight- since I was finally able to get on here. I went to JoAnns tonight and bought a great magazine- about blogging---but the pictures are so great! I hope I have time tonight to REALLY read through it!

I've been busy with hubby- he might be coming home Wednesday, but none of us- him included, think he is ready--so we'll see. The house is pretty much ready for an old guy with a walker ;>), and we all miss him - we spend a lot of time with him at the hospital, but it isn't the same.

so----hope to see you all later ( I had to give up on my 'thing-a day' --my 'things' were viruses for me and the computer, and with everything else- I got too far behind on that, too! ;>( )

marilyn g

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