Wednesday, February 27, 2008


as they say back in the PA coal region!

It's been a busy 2 days since I last posted. 'We' watched the twinnies yesterday, and today hubby had outpatient therapy from 9am to almost 3! I had to have him at the hospital by 9- so we started before 7 am. It's just like getting the twinnies ready to go somewhere--but with really heavy lifting! I really needed the chiro adjustment today! Then a nap ;>)

I tried beading a new bracelet last night, but I'm not really happy with it--I'm using delicas and I wonder if seedbeads might work better. I don't know it I want to deal with it tonight. Twinnies again tomorrow and A HAIR CUT!!!! I have short hair with about 20 cowlicks, and if I let it grow more than an inch and a half--I look like a female version of Einstein!

Enough about that---I must do some more 90/90s!

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hands2heal said...

Can't help with the chiro adjustment, but if you were closer to me (central Texas) I'd definitely hook you up with a massage! Hang in there! :)