Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sleep is eluding me.....

so i'm fiddlefartin' around on the computer!

Let me tell you about our Thanksgiving---well--not everything ;>)

We had our feast on Saturday, because Beth and Bruce ( older daughter and hub) and the twinnies went to his family's house for their feast--i don't mind holding off--so we ate on sat.

i started cooking fri. night, continued on through sat---finally sat down to eat around 5ish--and the food was good, if i do say so myself--even stayed hot for everyone.

We sat all over the house to eat- and baby ryan and the twinnies, jillie and jojo, added some drama--ryan running full speed into the coffee table and the girlies, did a little arguing, whining and fighting....

but--isn't that what family dinners are all about? ;>)

here's a picture of me, holding ryan---actually, she's busy trying to get off my lap to run into more mischief! I look 3 sheets to the wind- and ryan has pieces of cookie all over her dress---a regular Madonna and Child! heh heh

But---everyone enjoyed their meal--couldn't get the girls to be still for a picture- maybe their mom got one--we'll see.

Today, i put a bunch of new goodies up in my etsy shops---mostly in http://suchandsort.etsy.com and http://suchandsortaltered.etsy.com i've kind of been ignoring all my shops, trying to help a fellow cccoe-er 'run' the Black Friday Sale for CCCOE ---i hope some got lots of sales--me---nada!

but, as i just mentioned----the meal was good--heh heh heh heh--

till later when i'm roaming the house at 4-5 am..............



jenscloset said...

Very cute picture-!! hope you get some sleep!! I know how that is!

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Totally charming!

Linda said...

I enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving gathering, and the picture of Ryan and you is so cute. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.