Saturday, May 8, 2010

Marilyn's Museum of the Odd--grand re-re-re opening!

One of my good CCCOE etsy friends visited the other day--I hope she still isn't in shock- my 'museum' is kind of overwhelming! ;>)

I've had a few problems with someone 'messing' with me/my comments/my paypal lately, and so I've been laying low---but, nothing gets accomplished by any of that- so I'm 'coming out' again! ;>) I have 'broad shoulders', but I don't like it when my friends and etsy-friends are drawn into messes because of me. I learned after teaching a few years, that I wasn't always 'liked', but I didn't appreciate it when others were 'damaged' because of me.

So---any problems- please come to me- and please don't 'hurt' my friends.

Seriousness over---some more goodies from my *Museum*! ;>) ((warning- some are not 'politically correct', but remember - they were created many years ago---when common-sense about some things wasn't always apparent!))

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