Sunday, August 23, 2009

waving at 'chas.....

haven't been back here in a while--but yesterday, i took a fine jewelry fusing class, taught by Carolyn Waitt---and met some really nice artisan/students!

The artisan who sat next to me was Sherry Goodloe - -, who really spurred me into working on my goodies i've had piled up for a while.

So--here are pictures of the bracelet i made at Carolyn's class---with a lot of help from her!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi again Marilyn :) Glad I could "spur" someone into working on the piles *hee hee*.

PS My blog address is I think you got the "@" from my e-mail address *smiles*

Ok, so now I've got to go do my blog post from my Saturday outing as well :)

Again, nice meeting you, and I hope we will see each other in future workshops. Maybe you'll even come to one of MINE!

cigarboxbeads said...

ack- sherry! fixed it up -

the brain synapses were not synapping---or they were napping!

i've enjoyed your blog, off and on all day! And i do want to check out your classes!


AlliesAdornments said...

I'm confused, where are the beads??
Just yanking ya Marilyn! Hope you had a good time!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Good morning Marilyn! I FINALLY got my post up from Saturday at the Bucci's. Here's the link to the post:

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Very pretty :)