Sunday, June 21, 2009

This old lady getting into too much new-fangled stuff! :>)


I think I've gone way beyond my abilities in getting involved in all this internetS stuff!

I twitter, joined facebook, myspace,have 3 etsy shops, am in different groups on ning for vintage---lordy, lordy. oh- selling on ebay, too!!1!!1

I'm in lots of teams on etsy- etsy beadweavers, cccoe team, etsyvintageteam, cottageshabbyteam, teamhoardersunite, wwwgteam--i'm sure i've missed something--WHAT is wrong with me? ;>) no---i already know- don't tell me!

In my quest for my hoarded stuff, i just put up some packs of goodies i'm calling foux foux collections--- lots of interest, but no sales yet---today, maybe i'll go through my *stuff* and put some more * collections* up!

these are on

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