Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trying Something New!

Like I don't have enough going on! heh heh

I just 'joined' Shabby Lane Shops--I'm putting my pixies and elves in this shop, along with having some in etsy at

I've collected these little guys for about 15 years, and they've taken over our house--my kids say they watch them with their little pixie eyes---you can see what they think of my collection! ;>)

Since they have taken over and my hubby's coke collectibles have taken over the rest of the house, I guess I have to be the one to start destashing---some of the pixies have to go--but they're so cute---well, kinda strange, but still cute!

Check me out at marilyn goodman
( my pictures haven't been 'okayed' yet, but hopefully they'll soon be on my page!)

The pixies/elves I posted here are just of few---they are a little weird, huh? But if I like them---there has to be someone else out there who likes them----right? ;>)


Simply Chimica said...

Those are lovely. Very unique. Thanks for the comment!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I'm sure they will sell quickly!

beadsandblooms said...

I love pixies, elfs, gnomes, all those magical wee folk. Of course, this comes from someone who has baby gargoyles sitting in her garden beside the fairies!! Good luck with your sales!