Friday, December 14, 2007

My beading life...................

At my late stage of life--I've taken new plunges into the unknown--for me--selling on ebay, setting up etsy shops and now --a blog. Never thought I'd get to this stage of the unknowns but here I am!

I'm a retired Home Ec Teacher and the year I retired, our daughter had twin girls---so there went my retirement! They live about 3 miles from us and I spend lots of time with them.I have many crafting interests--but can't do a lot of crafts with the girlies around--they want to help, ya know! Beading? Forget it! Knitting or Crocheting--maybe. After I rewind the yarn and promise to make them another of whatever I'm making at the time.
My main etsy shop is and beading and beadweaving is my main passion right now. I love the process and the learning, even when I have to constantly do the frog stitch! I recently joined a great group of beadweavers from etsy and they , because of their talent and helpfulness, have helped me in the learning plunge into the pool of better beadweaving, posting, and now blogging!

It's late here in So CA., and I've already reached my limit of chatting, so--

by cigarboxbeads
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ltthings said...

Your off to a great start !!! Your things on Etsy are fabulous !!

cigarboxbeads said...

marilyn/cigarboxbeads says thank you so much to ltthings!

I've hearted your blog as well!

Leanne said...

Hi, How do I get started? I love the stuff you have done. I live in Guadalajara and can buy strings of beads in the centro area at a reasonable price. Can you recommend a website that would teach me some of the basics? What tools I would need, etc..? My sons are coming for Christmas and could bring me whatever I can't find here.
Leanne T

cigarboxbeads said...

Hi Leanne--I hope you come back here- I tried to get back in touch but blogspot 'won't let me'! ;>(

If you join beading groups on the web- they always have great leads to instruction. That's pretty much how I got started. The first person who got me excited about beads was Suzanne Cooper- here is her site-->

she has tutorials, patterns and such.

Another group I joined a while ago was Beading Fanatics--those beaders were a great help, as well.
you have to 'join' but that isn't a problem.
good luck and let me know what happens!

marilyn g